Kid Tracker GPS Smart Watch Wristwatch Locator Anti Lost Baby

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Kid Tracker GPS Smart Watch Wristwatch Locator Anti Lost Baby

Condition: New
Available Colors: Green, Pink, Light Blue

Never lose your kid again! 
Life saver! 
Find your kid anywhere with your smart phone! 

Works with iPhone or Android 


Kids Smart Watch not only have the children's safe position function but also have the common smart bracelet's function, such as sport monitoring, sleeping monitoring and alarms. Of course, the Safety is the first priority especially for the children. As a kids Safe smart watch, it has GPS and LBS double location for accurate position. It is also a quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be used anywhere all over the world. Sticking in a 2G SIM card and you can call on your wrist. 

For better use, we develop the unique APP: SeTracker to take care of your kids. You can set SOS/Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, which avoid the stranger calls to your child. Meanwhile, the Geofence, Voice monitoring, Message alert, History route etc which let you know more better of your child. 

To live a happier and relax life, buy it for your children or friends', relative's children. It's our pleasure to help you a safe and health life. 

********** Main Features:***** ****** 

1. Accurate Location 

We use GPS and LBS double location for accurate position. 

2. Safe Incoming Calls 

a. After setting SOS/Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, kids can only receive calls from the setting numbers. Not from STRANGER! 

b. Kids can press SOS or familiarity number button to call you! 

3. Walkie Talkie 

By this function, you can have voice conversation between smart watch and app. Send voice message over app or watch recording message send to phone's app all is available! 

4. Safety Zone 

The Min. fence radius is within 500 meters, if the watch user walked out of the range, your phone will received and alert. 

5. Pedometer 

It's also can record your dear bay's steps, calories and distance. Let you know baby's sports data, adjust exercise program and get healthier life! 

6. Sleeping Monitoring 

The smart watch will record your baby's turnover times, you can check the related data through the APP. 

7. History Route 

Path query in the your children's historical activities by the choose the periond. 

8. Find the watch 

If the watch is not nearby, send this command, the watch will start to ring for 1 mins so that you can easily find it, press any button will stop the ringer. 

9. Message Alert 

a. Low-voltage remind 

b. SOS remind 

c. Take off watch 

If you set the telephone number in the APP's "SMS alerts setting", you will received message when occur the above 3 conditions. 

10. Listen to kids 

If you miss your baby, you can listen to them without disturbing them. 

11. Alarm 

You can set 3 different alarms as your child's requirements! 

12. Remote Shutting Down 

You can remote controlled the smart watch power off via APP. 

13. Anti-lost 

After registered your smart watch in the phone and the APP is on-line, if someone take off the watch from your children's wrist, you phone will alert to remind you. 

14. App' Language 

The App's language support English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Dutch, Danish, Polish etc. 


1. App (SeTracker) system required android (os 3.0 or above), iphone (ios 6.0 or above) 

2. Saving telephone numbers in the SeTracker App setting's telephone, kids can answer and receive calls , when saving in the contacts, kids can only receive calls, can't make calls. 

1 x Manual, 1 x Children GPS Watch, 1 x data cable